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Our Trainers

3 Full-Time Trainers With Over 50 Years Successfully Training Retrievers

Jim Elam.jpg

Jim Elam - Owner/Head Trainer

Owner, Jim Elam, has been training retrievers full time since 1998. He has successfully handled dozens of dogs to Junior and Senior AKC Hunt Test titles. In addition, Jim has handed over 50 retrievers to the Master Hunter title. 


Charles Edmonds - Trainer

Charles joined the Lake Country Team in 2001. He is recognized as an exceptional trainer of young dogs. Charles is a patient teacher, who skillfully guides the dogs through the all-important basics of retriever training. 


Prentice Alston - Full-Time Trainer

Since 2005 Prentice has been a utility player at Lake Country Retrievers. His most important role is his daily work with transitional dogs, learning to perform in the field.

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